Language Resource Distribution Service

Purchase Procedure

Please follow the below procedure if there are language resources you wish to purchase.

  • Please send via email, fax, or postal service to the office, the completed paperwork with all necessary fields filled out for each language resource you wish to acquire. Please make sure to reference our page on “Membership and Usage Types for Individuals and Groups.

Since we will send billing statements through return mail, in the case that you wish to explicitly designate the addressee, or any part of the return address, indicate so at the time of application. (Please follow up with us if you have not received correspondence within a week of submission).

A sum totaling the cost of the resource including all additional fees should be direct deposited into our association’s bank account. As soon as the money-transfer has been verified, we will begin the process to fulfill your request.

Conditions of Use

Though each language resource may have separate conditions of use, they share the following common conditions:

  • You must not engage in such activities as selling, lending, or distributing to third parties any received language resource in part or in full.
  • In the event that you present results or research pertaining to knowledge gained from use of received language resources, you must make clear the name of any language resources and the language providers from whom you received them. In this case, you must submit an excerpt from published work should GSK request it.
  • When you have finished use of a received resource, you must either return it to GSK or destroy it. These conditions apply to any copies of the resource as well.
  • Immunity from Responsibility: GSK admits no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may occur as a result of storage media or machines concerning the content of any received language resource, or through its use.
  • Compliance: By using any GSK language resource, you agree to act in compliance to related regulations pertaining to foreign currency exchange, foreign trade control laws, exportation of technology, etc. in Japan, America, and all related nations concerning use of received language resources.

Cost of Distribution

  • Shipping fees are added to the management costs of each language resource and are included in the total cost for distribution.
  • “Management costs” as performed by GSK include, but are not limited to: storage fees, maintenance fees, office processing fees, shipping service fees, materials fees, press fees and other overhead expenses. Remaining funds are put towards research, revision, expansion and development of GSK language resources.
  • Management costs may be revised at any time as deemed necessary by GSK.
  • The shipping cost for domestic destinations (within Japan) is 3,300 yen. In the case of overseas delivery, it shall be determined case by case.
  • We ask that you pay any expenses incurred by direct deposit.
  • Consumption taxes are included in all shown figures.

About “Free Limited Distribution Language Resources for GSK Members”

(Portions amended February 2008)

  • As part of our member services, a portion of certain resources, as indicated by GSK, will be available for distribution free of charge. This service is offered once, anytime throughout a given fiscal year.
  • Applicable resources will be marked on their explanation page as a “Free Limited Distribution Language Resource for GSK Members.”
  • We provide to members any desired “Free Limited Distribution Language Resource to GSK Members” completely free of charge, management and shipping fees waived as well, limited to once throughout a given fiscal year.
  • In the event that a member uses this service for any “Free Limited Distribution Language Resource for GSK Members” more than once during any given fiscal year, a charge of 5,500 yen per incident (excluding shipping fees, but including applicable taxes) will be assessed.
  • Separate shipping fees will not be charged in the event of applying for a free language resource at the same time as a paid resource, or when applying for a language resource with shipping fees included at the same time as applying for one with shipping fees excluded.
  • Both free and member priced resources will become unavailable in the event of delinquent yearly membership fees.
  • A sum of 33,000 yen will be charged per incident for any resources for non-members.
  • Some resources will not be distributed to non-members.
  • What language resources will be marked as “Free Limited Distribution Resource for GSK Members” by GSK will be announced as soon as is decided. However, after using this service, there is a possibility that your desired resource may become available as a “Free Limited Distribution Resource for GSK Members.” Your understanding is appreciated.
  • We reserve the right to alter, change, or halt this service at anytime without notice.

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