Membership and Resource Usage (2007.12.10)

We have in the past received many inquiries concerning membership types as well as language resource usage limitations, etc. We summarize the GSK policy concerning these issues below. Please refer to this document if you are considering applying to become a member or to use language resources that we provide. If there are any unclear points please feel free to contact us.

Individuals and Groups

Individual membership and individual use are for those that will use resources as individuals, or join GSK as an individual. Applicable membership and use for groups composed of many persons are likewise group membership and group use, respectively.

In the event that an individual membership holder wants to let another member of the group they are affiliated with use a resource

Language resources acquired through an individual membership are limited to use solely by that individual. In the event that an individual membership holder wishes to share a resource with an affiliated member of their group, it is necessary to either (1) have this group acquire a group membership and then, as a group membership holder subsequently apply for group use of a resource, (2) apply for group use of the resource without acquiring a group membership, or (3) have each member of the group who wishes to use the resource or resources apply to become individual membership holders, and then apply for use separately with their own memberships.

  • (Ex.) A university staff, using a language resource acquired as an individual membership holder, cannot share this resource with a student he supervises. Either group use must be applied for, or each individual desiring use of the resource must apply for it. There are also discounts available for student memberships.

Group Membership and Group Usage Representative

When applying for use or membership as a group, the representative is someone who is in a position to represent, manage, and direct the group.

  • (Ex.) When applying as ABC University, X Department, Y Laboratory, it would be the professor of Y Laboratory. When applying as DEF Research Institute, U Department, the U Department head. If G Corporation, Division H, Section Z, the Section Z head.

Changing Group Representative

Promptly notify GSK when your representative has been changed for either group memberships or group use.

The Scope of an Organization (Group)

When applying for using language resources as a group, a group shall be composed of members, who can be managed by a representative who will take responsibility and enforce them to comply with the conditions of use (such as not distributing to third party). Subunits of an organization holding a group membership may also apply for use of resources using the organization’s membership.

  • (Ex.) In the case that ABC Laboratory, 123 Research Division is a group member, subdivisions of 123 Research Division, such as XYZ Group may, as a group member or via group use, apply for a language resource. Prices will reflect group membership. In addition, individuals within this group (that do not possess an individual membership) that wish to apply for resource use as an individual will be eligible for group membership pricing.

Usage in the event of collaborative research

In the event that multiple groups/organizations wish to use a resource within collaborative research, each group must apply for use separately. In unavoidable circumstances when the project has applied for use as a single entity, use of the resource must halt the moment the project comes to an end, and the language resource must promptly be either returned to GSK or destroyed.