GSK2017-B JAIST Annotated Corpus of Free Conversation

Description: A corpus of free conversation between two people, where each utterance is annotated with a dialog act and sympathy tag. Nine categories are used for annotation of dialog acts: Self-disclosure, Question(YesNo), Question(What), Response(YesNo), Response(Declaration), Backchannel, Filler, Confirmation and Request. On the other hand, three categories are used as the sympathy tags: Sympathy, Antipathy and Neutral. They represents if a speaker shows his/her sympathy or antipathy for a partner.
We annotate a transcription of chats between two people, that is a part of “Meidai-kaiwa corpus (Nagoya university conversation corpus)”. The number of the dialog (chat) is 97, while the number of utterance is 92,020.
This data only provides the annotation and not includes the text. To restore the complete corpus, you have to download the reference corpus, which is freely available at the following web site.
Creator:Shirai Laboratory, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)
Price: Limited to use for research purposes.
Individual with membership: 22,000 yen, Individual without membership: 44,000 yen, Group with membership: 44,000 yen, group without membership: 88,000 yen. Additional costs: Shipping: 3,300 yen. In the case of overseas delivery, it shall be determined case by case.
Format:1 CD-ROM (9.2MB)
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