Description: A database of data related to teaching and learning Japanese, developed by CASTEL/J (Computer Assisted Systems for TEaching and Learning / Japanese special interest group). Please refer to the accompanying README file for details on the database and its usage.
(Note) Users of this data automatically become members of CASTEL/J. Members of CASTEL/J are not required to take on financial burdens such as membership fees, but must consent to answering questionnaires and like documents when requested to do so by CASTEL/J.
Creator: Special interesting group of Computer Assisted System for TEaching and Learning / Japanese (CASTEL/J)
Price: No commercial use. Limited to academic and educational pursuits.
Individual with membership: 22,000 yen, Individual without membership: 44,000 yen, Group with membership: 44,000 yen, group without membership: 88,000 yen. Additional costs: Shipping: 3,300 yen. In the case of overseas delivery, it shall be determined case by case.
Format:1 CD-ROM (594MB)

For acquiring the above dictionary, fill out all necessary items on the Application for and Compliance of Use Form (for above dictionary only), and send to our office via email, fax, or postal service. We will send documents including the billing statement through return mail. Please insure the proper billing address is indicated on the application, if different from your address. Also make sure to refer to our page on “Membership and Usage Types for Individuals and Groups” concerning the Application for and Compliance of Use Form.