GSK2007-A JEITA Multimodal Dialog Corpus

Description: A corpus of collected person-to-person task oriented dialogs. 80 minutes of video for 9 conversations concerning topics of “faces” and “travel” included. Speech data transcribed, and provided with annotations indicating morphemes, dialog structure and prosody.
Creator: Multimodal Content Technical Committee, Knowledge Information Processing Technologies Committee, Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)
Price: No commercial use.
Individual with membership: 22,000 yen, Individual without membership: 44,000 yen, Group with membership: 44,000 yen, group without membership: 88,000 yen. Additional costs: Shipping: 3,300 yen. In the case of overseas delivery, it shall be determined case by case.
Format:1 DVD-R (800MB)

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