RIKEN Wex is a tool to extract edit histories and/or comments in the MS Word format and convert them to XML/TSV.

What makes RIKEN Wex (and the MS Word format) different from most annotation tools is that it makes it possible to annotate arbitrary labels or contents to a given document; note that most existing annotation tools only allow the annotator to select one from pre-set labels. While the conventional tools are suitable for grammatical annotations including POS-tagging, syntactical annotation, NER, and semantic role labelling, they are insufficient for more flexible annotations. One of the major examples is grammatical error annotation where one can annotate a grammatical error with an arbitrary piece of text (correction). Another would be comment annotation such as feedback comments given to learners of a language.

For the usage of RIKEN Wex, you need Windows and Microsoft Word installed on your computer. Details including how to install RIKEN Wex are on manual.

Creator: RIKEN AIP NLU team (Ryo Nagata)

Terms of Use

GSK, based on the entrust of the owner, will provide this tool free of charge.

Exemption from liability; GSK, the developer and the owner are not legally liable for any damage or loss caused by the usage of this tool.

Copyright of this tool is owned by RIKEN AIP.


RIKEN Wex (2.85MB)

Record of Updates

  • We released RIKEN Wex (2019.11.13)