GSK2011-C Japanese Dictionary of Appraisal -attitude- (JAppraisal Dictionary)

Description: This Japanese dictionary of evaluative expressions, JAppraisal Dictionary (containing the classification of 8,544 word-senses), provides the classification of Japanese evaluative expressions according to Appraisal theory, i.e. a linguistic model of evaluative language. In this dictionary, the evaluative expressions are classified not only according to polarity (positive/negative attitude) but also in terms of evaluative criteria such as affection, desire, morality, honesty, peacefulness, etc. The dictionary can be utilised as a dictionary for sentiment analyses, as a reference book for discourse analyses such as Critical Discourse Analysis, or as a general resource for linguistic, educational or computational studies.
See manual for the detail (only available in Japanese). `Iwanami Japanese Dictionary Corpus 2004′ is required to refer definition sentences for sense IDs.

[2012/3] version1.2
The information on lexical density was added to most terms in the dictionary, by calculating the average score of lexical density in which the target terms are used, using the text samples in the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese Ver.1.0 (BCCWJ). For instance, the score for “kanyo” (significant) is higher than that of “taisetsu” (important). In addition, the information on subject-matters was added to most terms in the dictionary, using the frequency data according to the Decimal Classification. For instance, the data shows that the term “jakki” (causes a negative result) is typically used in “shizenkagaku” (natural science) while it is not frequently used in “geijutsu, bijutsu” (Arts).
[2011/12/22] version 1.1
Evaluative expressions in the JAppraisal dictionary is linked with the ‘wordid’ in the Japanese WordNet ( [2011/9] version 1.0
Creator: Center for Corpus Development, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
Price: Free of charge. No commercial use. Limited to academic and educational pursuits.
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